About UA

Who has long years of wood manufacturing experience, has managed to make a difference in the sector with its workmanship quality, delivery timing and customer relations, has been able to create a very valuable legacy to the sector, his employees and his family, and has deserved the title of craftsmanship and tradesman in the best way Ali Solmaz established as a small workshop in 2018 the Uygun Ahsap with the important supports of his son Eren Solmaz. Uygun Ahsap takes firm steps towards its goals with its new mission and vision.

Uygun Ahsap which has wide range of solid wood products for garden use from wooden pots to wooden flower stands, wooden picnic tables to benches, wooden chairs to wooden coffee tables, wooden animal houses to wooden camellias, wooden garden fences to wooden flooring, continues to add new products to its range.

Uygun Ahsap, with the inspiration from its founder, has made it a mission is to deliver the maximum benefit with minimum cost to its customers via maintain its high standards in the areas of quality, timing and customer relations, as well as environmental awareness, sensitivity to occupational health and safety, close cooperation with business partners, customer focus with an understanding of a business model.

In addition to increasing product diversity, producing each type of product in the most efficient way with the most optimum human and energy resources, offering its customers the minimum price option, In addition to increasing the benefit share in the benefit-cost equation for the customer, Uygun Ahsap, acquiring customers abroad with its export targets and sees foreign currency inflow to the country and increasing employment with new investments as its main vision.

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