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Wooden Cat House

Wooden Cat House
Wooden Cat House
Wooden Cat House
Wooden Cat House
Wooden Cat House
Wooden Cat House
Wooden Cat House
Wooden Cat House
Wooden Cat House

Wooden Cat House Seven-Part

Cats will have new living spaces outdoors! Nests that will protect them from the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter will also allow them to socialize in the same place.

The cold-resistant cat house is produced to protect it from rain, snow and wind, especially in winter. When choosing an outdoor cat house, it is absolutely necessary to pay attention to the roof insulation. Outdoor multi-cat house is covered with waterproof roof insulation material shingle.

The large cat house allows many cats to live together. With the multi-cat house, where it is located, both space will be saved and it will be easier to feed the cats from a single point.

 Size: 74x84 h:147 

    • It is sent as disassembled outside of Istanbul. Shipping is free.
    • Production is made in the dimensions you want*
    • Delivery is available all over Turkey**



You can position it in your home, in your garden or in front of your door.

It is produced mostly for outdoor use.

Thanks to more than one nest, more than one cat can be accommodated.


It is made with paneling made of Turkish pine.

The roof is made longer to prevent rain from entering the nests, thus providing a common living area on the veranda formed in front of the nests.

The shingle on the OSB on the roof provides both heat and water insulation.


10-year warranty against rotting and worming*

All of our products are resistant to summer and winter outdoor weather conditions.


Production is made in special sizes and colors for your spaces**

Ships all over Turkey***

For shipments outside of Turkey, please contact us before placing an order.****


*Production can be made in the size and color you want, for this, please contact us and get a price

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